Scary election

Every day brings new news and opinions on what is going to happen after the May 19 election. In the S.F. Chronicle today, you’ll find a round-up of cuts being planned if the six ballot measures are not passed–and all indications are they will not be passed. You have probably also seen the ads on TV of firefighters worrying about whether they will be able to keep up the annual fight against wildfires and of teachers worrying about whether they will keep their jobs. Despite all the news and media concern, the average citizen often takes one look at the long, dull ballot measures and decides the figures are too much to cope with. Turnout is expected to be very low, but no doubt complaints will be very loud no matter which way th vote goes. If you want to give any credibility to your complaints, you have to get out there and express your opinion in the vote. Check on the links on this website get the information you need, and cast your vote on May 19.

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