Sarah Diefendorf

I joined the San Francisco League back in the mid-90s because I thought it would be a good addition to my CV. I had just completed a Master’s program and had, of course, heard of the League. I was very interested in environmental issues and understood how San Francisco politics works so I thought it would be a good fit for me.

I didn’t dream at the time that I was embarking on a fantastic learning experience that would be life changing.

I saw a flyer that stated the League was looking for board members. I applied, was interviewed and simultaneously became a member of the SF League and a member of the board. I was happy with this outcome because I knew the board was a good place to be if you wanted to have a say in how the League’s priorities was determined.

My first assignment was to write a strategic plan for restructuring the League. At the time the SF League was losing members. The board decided it wanted a fresh eye to review how the League was functioning and how it might change to attract younger members. I was to be that “fresh eye”. One of the major recommendations that the restructuring plan suggested was the abolition of the “units” into which League members were divided at the time. This and other efforts of the board resulted in a League that attracted a younger and more diverse membership with new ideas.

I worked on other projects for the SF League before being elected to the national LWV board which was an incredible experience. With this portfolio I traveled on behalf of the League to Jamaica, Armenia, Nigeria, Ethiopia and Zimbabwe. These travels and what I learned introducing grass roots democracy to the women in these countries changed my life forever. It literally brought the world to my life.

I am no longer a member of the national board but look forward to once again becoming active in the San Francisco League. I will always value the League’s dedication to a non partisan delivery of information to voters. No one is trusted like we are. We’re small but ours is a powerful voice. I hope to continue to contribute to our message.

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