San Francisco’s public access cable television (and startling healthcare update)

AccessSF lived up to its name for years – providing ready access to the local cable audience to the warp and woof of San Francisco. Among those benefiting from AccessSF’s spirited production capabilities, studios, and airwaves was the League of Women Voters of San Francisco. The League regularly taped and aired pro’s and con’s of ballot measures. Viewers have long told us this programming is important to them when deciding how to vote.

AccessSF’s work with the League and others was funded in large part by the City, as part of the station’s mandate to serve the public. This funding was cut. The City requested proposals to act as a public access channel. Only those who would not be so dependent upon public money need apply. Bay Area Video Coalition seems to have succeeded in earning the opportunity to contract with the City to serve as its public access television outlet.

Check out BAVC’s winning proposal. It goes into some depth, so have a sandwich and milk handy for the read. My take is that BAVC is a media engine with a commitment to the new programming. It seems particularly strong in leveraging all forms of new technology and internet-based media. BAVC offers training programs and involves masses of kids. All good now and going forward, in the way of increased skills and outlets for imagination. BAVC also makes a point of being financially sustainable. That’s good, too, of course.

What isn’t at all clear is what kind of access non-profits such as the League will have via BAVC. We’ll be inquiring in advance of the November elections. More in this blogspot as we learn. In the interim, congratulations to BAVC, and we hope to be able to work with you!

More on healthcare:

Tucked into the article, “Pay or Play,” on page 32 of this week’s Economist is this sentence: “Rahm Emanuel, Mr. Obana’s chief of staff, softened the president’s previous insistence [on a public insurance plan to compete against private insurers]. He suggested that a public plan should come into force only if an initial attempt to reform private insurance market fails.” What!!??!! And in whose lifetime??!!?? Of course Mr. Emanuel speaks for President Obama. We must speak to the President. Click here to jot a few convincing words, then send. Thanks. LLII

(BAVC calls them ‘youth’), which is fabulous for the kids and San Francisco’s future.

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