Running scared

The Bay to Breakers run tomorrow will attract hordes of participants and viewers on what is predicted to be one of the hottest days on record for May. Runners are already being warned to be scared of dehydration and sunburn and to avoid them by drinking lots of water and slathering on sunblock. If only there were simple prescriptions for the rest of us to avoid the dangers of an unbalanced budget causing layoffs that will injure many people in the city. Mayor Newsom announced that 1000 city workers will be laid off, many of them in the Public Health Department. Why is the city in such a fix? The overall recession is hurting all of us, of course, but the pain could be moderated if it were shared by everyone. Instead, we are treated to the same old political squabbles and the same greedy refusal to help our neighbors that shows up year after year. Running this city is becoming more and more like monitoring a schoolyard full of six-year-olds. But kids grow up and learn to share, while it sometimes seems that our politicians never will.

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