Redistricting: It is now.

Politicians in the majority have the best gift of all this holiday season:  the promise of redistricting the opposition out of voting districts while helping their ideological kin sit pretty in newly drawn districts.  Results of the 2010 census are being released, and will be used by state legislators (really, the party in power) in each state, to draw district lines for federal congressional seats.  Districts drawn in 2011 will reflect population migration during the past ten years, as well as the party preference of the population in place at the time of the census.   An engaging primer regarding redistricting,  focused on California, is the documentary, Gerrymandering

For a spotlight on the politicization of redistricting and a preview of the national impact, today’s Times offers this story.  Oddly, the Times article did not mention California’s sensible, and fair, new approach to redistricting.  The bald and bold influence of politics will be minimized for us, thanks to the voters’ choice to establish the Citizens Redistricting Commission.  Watch California once again lead the way for the nation in acting as we the people, by signing up for email alerts while we draw the ines in 2011, affecting our political lives for the next decade.  LLII.

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