Recycling idea

Everyone has had the experience of looking into a closet or a drawer and noticing that it is full of usable items that we no longer want. Recycling isn’t always easy. You may have a place to take used clothes, and books can be given to the library for their book sales, but it’s all those other things–tools and ornaments and furniture–that languish untaken. Now the Chronicle tells us, there is a place to list and get rid of almost anything–Freecycle, a community of people who post on the Freecycle Network. They list any items they want to get rid of so others can arrange to pick them up. Everything listed is free and it can range from small items like cans of soup to major appliances, with a few exceptions such as pets. It certainly sounds like a good idea. Perhaps we should all get rid of all our tired old junk before the holidays come along and we stock up on more of the same.

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