Quite a day.

In the news today we hear President Obama is stepping up his public advocacy for healthcare reform and California has a budget. Details of both remain to be seen. I am cautiously optimistic about the positive effect of the former and queasily anxious about the latter.

Focusing on the State budget, undoubtedly, there will be shared sacrifice. Ready, steady now as we prepare to pitch in to fill in gaps as we can for family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, even strangers who lose in the budget deal. We’ll need every ounce of our naturally generous selves to see this through with integrity and decency.

We’ll want to do something, but what? And when? What if there are only a few hours every so often. What are the options, so we can put more energy into the contribution rather than into the logistics. Reasonable questions. Tuck into the back of your mind that googling or binging ‘san francisco volunteer‘ produces a very long list of organizations who act as conduits to people who need us.

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