Quite a change from 1993

As almost everyone in the U.S. knows, today the House of Representatives is holding a debate on the healthcare bill. A vote will be held this evening–or tonight–or early tomorrow morning on passage of the bill. Newspapers are covering the debate, of course, but most people interested in following the debate wouldn’t dream of waiting for a newspaper report. Was it only fifteen years ago that we were content to wait for the network TV news to tell us what was happening in Congress? This morning the cable channels are giving us fulltime video about the debate, newspapers such as the N.Y. Times are linking to cable to give live action coverage, and twitter is ablaze with tweets giving a minute-by-minute account of what’s going on in Congress. There is no excuse for anyone who wants to participate in the debate not to be aware of what individual members of Congress are thinking and saying on the topic. It’s a perfect climate for citizen action, which is something the League has always encouraged. This debate covers two areas of League concern–healthcare reform, which the League supports, and a woman’s right to choose, also supported by the League, which has become a contentious item in the bill. With all the technological support now given us, it’s time for citizens to let their representatives know how they stand–call, write, or tweet right now.

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