Purpose (and joy) personified.

Nikki Harris, League activist who was all things purposeful and positive, died this week.  LLI, who had the privilege of knowing Nikki well, writes: 

Nikki Harris was a friend the San Francisco League will long remember.  She brought a wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm to her work with our League and it meant a great deal to us.  Her work on membership was an inspiration for us to make more contacts and tell people about the great work the League was doing.  She was incredibly patient, going over plans for publicity and outreach and fielding endless conference calls with the membership committee.  We did reach out and increase our membership and we are better for it.

When Nikki ran our yearly priority-setting meetings, she was all business.  She kept us on track and gently reminded us of the League way when we went too far afield.  She was a no-nonsense advocate for being thoughtful and sensible about taking on commitments – a blend of fearless leader and the supportive friend. 

But what I remember most about Nikki is that whenever I met her she brought a smile to my face.  I never saw her when she wasn’t cheerful, enthusiastic, and friendly.  When I went to my first State League Convention, she was the person who came over and made sure I got a seat and was welcomed.  And I remembr her sitting on the back deck of a house in the Richmond sipping wine and telling us stories about her thirty years of work with Leagues across the country.   That was a memorable afternoon!

Whether Nikki was speaking up at a Bay Area Regional League meeting, or at a casual party, she always had something to say that was worth listening to.  Nikki was faithful in coming to our League events, from issues forums to holiday parties, and she always added to the warmth and goodwill.  No one can replace her, and those of us who were lucky to work with her will always remember Nikki Harris.

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