Occupy, the League way.

Are you captivated by the tenacity of the Occupyers but  can’t quite see yourself at home at their General Assembly, wiggling your fingers?  Ease into activism, the League way. 

The League and Occupy share many core interests which can be described simply as government by the people for the people (all of us).  The League’s national, state, and local positions support activism and education in areas high on Occupy’s priority list:  campaign finance reform, the value of each person’s political voice, quality education, social services for the needy among us, a tax structure that provides for a civilized society, and more. 

So be part of the Occupy movement within an organization you already know.  For the San Francisco League, 2012 is shaping up to be an activist year and it needs you.  The annual planning meeting held on January 16 focused on brainstorming areas where members could take action.  A second planning meeting on February 11 will further identify topics of highest priority against which we can throw our thinking and our selves.   The floor is still open to ideas; your participation will make a difference. 

Come to the February 11 meeting (contact the office for more information and the location) and join other members resolved to do something constructive and productive now.  As for those wild, crazy, and often brave Occupyers, get to know them better by monitoring their media, starting at  www.sfoccupy.org


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