New neighbors moving in

High housing prices don’t mean San Francisco isn’t attracting new neighbors to the area. According to C.W. Nevius in the Chronicle today, a whole new breed of city dwellers have arrived–coyotes. Golden Gate Park has attracted the largest number and more and more people are getting glimpses of them as they run across the roads at night or lurk in the bushes near picnic areas. Smaller parks are also attracting some of the animals, which are probably pushed out of Marin by the spreading population taking up almost all of the wild spaces available. Inevitably there are some people who cannot resist feeding the animals, despite warning signs, and this encouragement will attract more and more coyotes. Almost certainly the sightings will spread to the streets and backyards of people near the parks. Will the pampered local dogs be ready to protect their yards from their wild cousins? Sooner or later they’ll be put to the test.

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