Net Neutrality again

Today is an important day for the principles of Net Neutrality, principles that will help nonprofit organizations like the League of Women Voters to reach people online. The FCC chairman will propose new principles of Net Neutrality that will prevent the big telecom companies for charging differently for different services on the Net. PC World explains these principles, which may sound very technical to many users but it is important to support them. The fear is that large commercial enterprises could pay higher fees to get faster access to your computer, unlike the current system by which all net content goes through without regard to source. Smaller businesses and organizations could be disadvantaged by this arrangement as users would seek out the faster channel. We all know what a difference ten seconds makes on the net. The FCC will be looking for input to the public discussion about these new principles and it is time for us to show support for Net Neutrality for the good of the League and the public in general.

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