Moving along with Redistricting

Now that the election is behind us and Prop 27 has been defeated, the Redistricting Commission can move ahead with plans to start their work. The event of this week was having the four legislative leaders in Sacramento make the cuts to the pool of nominees to the Commission. Here’s a description of how the process worked in a Report of the 36 Potential Redistricting Commissioners. The final 36 individuals include twelve Democrats, twelve Republicans and twelve individuals who are either not affiliated with a political party or who belong to one of the smaller parties.  The process of elimination that was done by the legislative leaders was similar to striking out potential jurors at a trial. No one knows the criteria used, each leader had a chance to eliminate six people from the pool. Gossip in Sacramento may swirl around the reasons why some people were dropped and others were kept, but for most Californians, it doesn’t much matter. The final pool is made up of people who have been vetted and found qualified, so we can accept their judgments.

The next step in the process occurs on Thursday, Nov. 18, when the State Auditor, Elaine Howle, will randomly select eight names on the list of 36. These people will become the first people on the Commission. They in turn will select the remaining six members. For a list of all of the 36 people on the list go to the List of 36 on the website . This is the site that will give you the complete background of the redistricting process. This citizen redistricting is an exciting new development in California and it’s one we will all want to pay attention to.

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