More changes coming

As if we didn’t have enough to worry about with the budget and healthcare, a report on what climate change will mean to California warns that we mustn’t forget climate change. Even if all the measures to control greenhouse gas emissions are taken, the gases already circulating in our atmosphere will remain for 100 years of more. California must prepare for higher temperatures, eroding coastlines, and water shortages. The California Natural Resources Agency has released the draft report. A final report is expected in the fall. Now is the time to think about lifestyle changes Californians will need to take to conserve water supplies and to reduce the amount of money spent on rescuing homeowners who insist on building in areas threatened by floods and coastal erosion. Being a good citizen means more than just voting in elections, it means being willing to give up some of our habits to ensure that our neighbors and our children will be able to enjoy California as much as we do.

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