More buzz about Prop 13

As Californians waited and watched during the excruciating budget battle this year, more and more people are beginning to agree we have to look at Prop 13 again. The long-ago decision to cap property taxes and to demand a 2/3 vote to approve budget decisions has made California a failed state. Many citizens do not understand how the budget is arrived at and they continue to demand services without approving any move to raise money for them. We can’t keep on getting a free lunch forever. No other state in the country has passed legislation that puts the government in such a bind as California’s. Assembly Speaker Karen Bass speaks for many legislators when she says its time to put everything on the table. Next month’s Tax Commission Report should give some indication of what the possibilities are. Let’s calm down, take a look at the possibilities and make some sensible, grown-up decision about how the state will continue to function.

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