Maxine Anderson

Maxine AndersonFrom the Story Bank:

A few years ago I realized I was mad about the direction in which the country, my country, was moving. I also realized that being mad and not taking some positive action wasn’t going to accomplish anything.

I heard about an annual meeting the San Francisco League was about to have and I decided to go. It was a great experience. I asked questions about issues and got answers. I liked what the featured speaker had to say. On the way out, I picked up some information about the League and it wasn’t much longer before I took the big step and joined up.

The many projects the League sponsors are something you can wrap yourself around. And, it gives me a chance to do something positive. So I guess you can say being an active League member is a win-win situation. Shortly after joining I was invited to sit on the Board. As a board member I learned of all kinds of opportunities to contribute to the community. Initially, I got involved in setting up candidate forums and being a speaker with the Speakers Bureau. Since then I have become very involved in the Advocacy activities of our League. You might say I help out where I can.

I have found the LWV to be an empowering organization. I can disseminate information about issues to people who need that information to become informed voters. See what I mean by a win-win situation.

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