Making progress?

You know that male liberation is moving ahead when a columnist like Jon Carroll can devote a column to the skills of dishwashing, long the sole province of the women in the family. In his column Carroll describes the contest in a recent movie between the groom and the father-of-the-bride about who is better at loading the dishwasher. Who would have thought that male generational struggles could be decided on such a point? Can anyone picture Spencer Tracey engaged in such a battle when he was the national father-of-the-bride? The most dramatic change men have brought to the dishwashing field is making it a competitive sport. Dishwashing as warfare? Men still have a long way to go before they discover what women have known for centuries–that washing-up is a great arena for bonding and that it goes faster when one person checks the spots and the other does the loading, or washing. A proven recipe for peace. Give them another century or two and men may still catch up with women’s work.

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