League Event – Day Time Unite Hears About Homelessness

Bevan Dufty Speaks at LWVSF Event


Bevan Dufty, the Mayor’s point man on homelessness, spoke to Leaguers and guests last month. An eight-year member of the Board of Supervisors, Dufty now heads HOPE, Housing Opportunity, Participation & Engagement.



In a dazzling 50 minute presentation of facts without using notes he informed the group of the following:

  • Every two years a count of the homeless takes place. San Francisco’s count only went down by 19 persons but by contrast Los Angeles’s went up by 15%.
  • This year they did a youth count which totaled 914.
  • It is cheaper to house the homeless than to provide a panoply of other services for them if they are on the street ($15,00 vs. $18,000).
  • The number of chronic homeless has been reduced by half in the last ten years.
  • Care Not Cash brought down the homeless number by 3500.
  • Dufty is advocating for a medical homeless shelter of 30 to 40 beds.
  • Under the Homeward Bound program anyone who can’t support themselves can ask for paid transportation if they have a contact back home.
  • 80% of panhandlers are homeless.
  • The Union Square Business Association is now funding a social worker to work with panhandlers in that area.
  • Organizations with extra food after an event can call Feeding Forward that will connect them with shelters. Uber and Lyft will pick up and deliver the food at no charge.

Bevan Dufty is a compassionate but realistic man who is positive and optimistic. He says that very few (maybe 5%) of homeless people don’t want to be helped.


Article By: Heather Sterner


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