Let’s not be sicko

With all the talk about Michael Moore’s new movie “Sicko”, let’s not forget there are real health care issues in California and the League is very much involved. Here’s a message from the State League for action during the next couple of days:

. Call to Action on SB 840

SB 840, Senator Sheila Kuehl’s bill to establish single payer health care in California, will be heard in Assembly Health Committee on July 3. All Leagues and League members whose Assembly Members are members of that committee should contact their representatives to urge their support for SB 840.

Send this alert to concerned citizens, your grassroots network, your friends and coworkers. Encourage them to contact their legislators today!

Members of the Assembly Health Committee are Assembly Members Dymally (chair), Nakanishi (Vice Chair), Bass, Berg, De La Torre, de Leon, Emmerson, Gaines, Hancock, Hayashi, Hernandez, Huff, Jones, Lieber, Ma, Salas, and Strickland.

Background information on SB 840, the single payer concept, health care reform efforts in California, and the LWV position on Health Care is available on the LWVC website.

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