Let’s get real!

California seems to have a budget crisis every year, but this year’s debacle seems worse than ever. If nothing is worked out this week, two important ballot measures will be too late to make it onto the November ballot. The governor’s proposal to borrow against future lottery sales to pay down the deficit and another measure aimed at reforming the budget process will both be postponed at least until the next election. California voters already have an overwhelming burden of decisions about governance to handle, the least we can expect is that the legislature will allow us to deal with them in a timely way. San Francisco voters are being asked to decide about 22 city ballot measures in November as well as at least 12 state measures. How many of us have the time to investigate each of the issues being discussed and make reasonable decisions? Yet many voters do make that time and face up to task. Why can’t our legislators do the same? Time is growing short in Sacramento, let’s move!

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