Leave it to the ladies

As the League of Women Voters celebrated its 89th birthday this month members could look with pride on the number of women who are serving this country by working with the government to get things done. A case in point is the Stimulus Bill which has just been passed in both houses of Congress with the help of compromises crafted by the two women senators of Maine, Sen. Olympia Snow and Sen. Susan Collins. Working with Senator Arlen Spector of Pennsylvania, these two women came up with a package that was accepted by enough of their fellow legislators to ensure its success. Most women today find it hard to believe that only a few generations ago these women would have had to stay at home and urge their husbands, fathers, or brothers to lead the country. Now they can handle it themselves. This is a banner year for many previously disenfranchised groups and calls for a celebration by all people who value civic engagement.

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