Learning to be global

September is an exciting month in the school year as both students and teachers make a fresh start and hope that this year at least will be a great learning experience. One of the trends in Bay Area education has been the growing number of dual language schools that help children become fluent in more than one language. Private schools in the Bay Area have offered dual language programs in French and German for many years; this year a private Spanish/English dual language school has opened. Public schools in San Francisco offer dual language schools in Spanish, Mandarin, Cantonese and Japanese. Some educators believe that children raised to be bilingual get an intellectual boost and are able to solve problems more easily than monolingual children. Certainly from a practical point of view, as children grow up and seek jobs, being bilingual will be an asset. In another generation we will be grateful for more global citizens, who may be able to work for a more peaceful world.

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