League moving into a new year

The League of Women Voters of San Francisco held its annual meeting yesterday to approve plans for the coming year and to elect new members to the Board. For more information about plans and directions, check the website www.lwvsf.org during the coming weeks to see our our plans for activities and new directions. After the business meeting, the featured speaker was Robert Cruickshank, the Public Policy Director for the Courage Campaign, which is gathering support for a new California Constitutional Convention to solve some of the many problems facing our state. Robert talked enthusiastically about the possibilityof the people of California getting together to change the dysfunctional system in Sacramento and improve life for all Californians. There are several websites you can follow to keep up with what is happening in the movement for a Constitutional Convention. One is Repair California and another is the webiste Calitics for which Robert is one of the editors. The future looks exciting, so be sure to keep up.

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