Last minute gifts of an enduring quality

Below are a few worthy gift-giving opportunities that are available via a few clicks online. Remember, as noted in a recent LL blog, it is the gift of $$$$, rather than time, that often is the most useful. [Even if you can’t give, check out the amazing work these organizations do!]

San Francisco Beautiful has devoted itself for forty years to keeping our City lovely. San Francisco Beautiful led the opposition to Proposition D (the League also opposed Prop D), which would have brought blinding general advertising to already blight-ridden mid-Market Street. They also were instrumental in stopping authorities from selling naming rights to the Golden Gate Bridge. Check out their inventory of beautiful places all over the City!

The Aids Legal Resource Panel (ALRP) helps people living with HIV and AIDS through free or affordable legal assistance. Nothing quite says empowerment to people being bullied by the system than a letter on a law firm’s letterhead. ALRP is held in high esteem by its legal profession partners – mostly volunteers – for its efficient operations. Those donations go to services.

La Cocina Community Kitchen is a non-profit incubator kitchen located in the Mission. La Cocina – led by Patricia Loya with an all-women board – provides space, technical assistance, and training to people starting their own food business. Donate, purchase gift food baskets, or use their catering services!

Counterpulse energizes the San Francisco performing arts community and makes new work accessible to audiences. This organization provides rehearsal and performance space, promotion and logistical support to area artists. It makes new work possible and visible. Give, and go. Counterpulse’s performance calendar guarantees weekend after weekend of interesting work to see, at a ticket price anyone can manage.

Or, create a 2010 giving circle. Get together with a few family members or friends and commit to pooling small individual contributions into a combined monthly donation to non-profits you all believe are doing important work. You can make difference to twelve organizations over the course of the year, both in cash and expanded awareness of their efforts.

Finally, the League of Women Voters – San Francisco, does essential work in ensuring free and fair elections, where every vote is counted as cast. The League also asserts positions and influence in healthcare, climage change, education, and other foundational issues required to sustain an active democracy. The League does need active members, as well as funding. Join and get active, or give.


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