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A better week for universal healthcare. Bills flying around. Naysayers abound. Finally, the normal signs of life for important legislation. The President weighed in today, suggesting courage is in order and even (finally) suggesting a bill of his people’s design. Our voices can make a difference. The lobbyists are talking. Why, just Thursday morning Senator Dodd was on NPR assuring us Senator Kennedy was involved because, after all, Mr. Kennedy knows all the donors and campaign fund sources. You heard it, no? Republicans need have no envy because Mr. Dodd, in the next breath, noted Senator Orrin Hatch matched strokes with Mr. Kennedy in the money waters. Mr. Hatch, also on the program, had an aw, shucks response.

Our voices and votes are the counterweight to big money. Thursday I clicked and sent this. You can, too. The link is still live.

If you happen to have next Friday morning free, check out this event in San Jose: “Health Care Reform Update: Healing What Ails US. The keynote speaker is Dr. Claudia Chaufan speaking on “Learning from the International Experience: A Framework to Analyze Current Proposals for Health Care Reform.” There is an accompanying panel of heavyweights. It’s sure to be time well spent, in the company of like-minded people. More information here. LLII

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