Keep going!

I know this healthcare legislation was supposed to be written and voted on by now. Of course that schedule was entirely too aggressive. Nonetheless, reform appears to have momentum, which is important. Plus meaningful reform truly seems to have the hearty support of the president, based on tonight’s speech. The opposing sides’ fever pitch may mean we are closer than it seems. But it also means we citizens – the beneficiaries of universal healthcare – can’t flag. Here’s a click and send. Caution! This particular effort will publish names in newspaper ads. Names only, it says.

Now, as we enter the tense, emotional days leading up to a final healthcare bill and the Congressional votes, let’s remind ourselves that the media reporting and advertising may not be the truth, the whole truth, and much entirely close to the truth (whatever that is). As an example, the good people at MediaMatters, who are more statisticians than commentators, are noticing some media slant toward fear-mongering about the progress of the reform debate. We’ll need to keep an eyebrow arched as we read and listen. Good practice for the November election promotional blitz. (Yes! there will be a November election, involving San Francisco races and ballot measures. Stay tuned to the League space for more information.)

Speaking of local issues, when you ride muni, hold on!?! LLII

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