Just a little bit fast?

As many people know, San Francisco will host a Slow Food fair over the Labor Day weekend. This promises to offer useful suggestions for people to move to healthier living. Gowing food, cooking it, and sharing it with others can be an enriching experience, however, let’s hope it doesn’t take us back to the 1950s. Some of us remember holidays when we girls stood in the kitchen washing pots and pans and dishes while our brothers joined the men in the living room to talk (and learn) about politics and what was going on in the world. Girls were not expected to be interested in those things, learning how to make a good tomato sauce was enough for us. The advent of frozen food was a lifesaver for many busy women who preferred to spend their time interacting with their children, or the outside world instead of the kitchen sink. By all means let’s buy and eat more vegetables, but let’s not go overboard. We want to help the environment by buying local food, but someday scientists will measure the amount of water and energy wasted in endlessly churning dishwashers for all those pots and pans. Then we’ll return to healthy pre-prepared foods and not get chained to the kitchen again.

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