Is there a threat to Public Access TV?

There’s plenty of action on the political front these days with debates about government budgets at every level. In the middle of all the discussion, it’s difficult to keep track of every public service that may or may not be endangered. One public institution that the League has used for several years as a major channel of voter education is the government public access television stations, also known as the PEG stations. They are at the center of a controversy now as to how the funding for them, which comes mostly from fees paid by cable companies, should be allocated. Supervisor Mirkarimi has stepped into the controversy by proposing to ask the state to change the way in which thse funds are allocated. Many San Franciscans are not aware of the services provided by the PEG channels and this is one of the issues that has not been covered widely. It’s important for nonprofits that want to serve the city to familiarize themselves with the issues and express their points of view about what the future of the PEG channel funding should be.

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