Is the Net Neutral?

The issue of net neutrality never seems to go away, perhaps it never will as constantly changing technology brings new challenges every year. The issue is whether providers of Internet service should limit certain uses of the net, especially those that take up large amounts of bandwidth. At an FCC public hearing in Stanford yesterday, the arguments on both sides were aired. If you don’t download videos, you may think this issue doesn’t affect you, but nonprofit organizations like the League have a stake in this discussion. So far, the government has required net providers to give the same service to all users, if this changes, Internet providers could determine which materials will be available at the fastest speeds. The suspicion among some defenders of Net Neutrality is that commercial interests will be favored over nonprofit public providers. There are good arguments on both sides and making decisions will be difficult, but those of us who are committed to serving the public through the Internet ought to at least keep up with decisions as they are made. Being a good citizen isn’t always easy.

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