Is it still raining?

People who live in San Francisco find it easy to complain about the weather. While the rest of the country suffers heavy snows and deadly wind chills, we fuss about a few days of chilly rain. Granted, jumping over puddles and trying to maneuver an umbrella on Market Street during rush hour is a drag, but things could be a lot worse. And if the scientists reported on in the Chronicle are right, as they no doubt are, we have a lot more than that to worry about. Global warming is bringing changes that will make our weather more unstable and create new problem. As the Sierra snowpack thins, it will melt earlier each spring, increasing the danger of floods. A rise in the sea level could easily threaten coastal areas. Now is the time for concerned citizens to learn more about what can be done to help Californians to survive these changes. Add that to your list of concerns as you splash your way across Union Square.

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