Invisible needs

Some problems get a lot of coverage in the media–just think of how much video footage has been used in photographing Delta and Dawn, the two whales who blundered their way to Sacramento. And it’s worth paying attention to creatures who need the help of humans to find their path again. But surely we should pay even more attention to the young of our own species–the children of San Francisco who need foster care but are not always able to find it. The S.F. Chronicle today has an editorial highlighting this issue. There are 1800 children in this city who need a foster home, but only 144 homes in which to place them. No matter how willing many people may be to give a home to a foster child, they can’t offer help unless they have the money to spend. Raising a child is expensive, but rates for foster care have not been increased to meet the need. Now at last there is a bill in Sacramento, AB324, which would increase the basic rate for foster care by five percent. That would help a lot of people give a lot of shelter, care and love to children who really need it. Just because we don’t see their faces on TV or their names in the paper, let’s not forget the foster children of San Francisco who need help to find their path to a better life.

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