Hug a Supervisor.

We are lucky to live in San Francisco.  There are the obvious reasons known to locals and visitors (whom we welcome and treasure) alike.  Less frequently cited as a reason to live in San Francisco is that our City and County government unabashedly look out for us. 

The recent example of the Board of Supervisors concern and care is the passage of an ordinance requiring cellphone retailers to conspicuously post each phone’s S.A.R., or specific absorption rate. 

S.A.R. units show the amount of radiation a body (i.e., your body) absorbs from a particular phone.  The FCC limits S.A.R. to 1.6 watts per kilogram of body weight (tool converting pound weight to kilograms here).  Right now, good luck finding out your phone’s S.A.R.  They say phones with Blue Ray and WiFi have the highest S.A.R. measures.  Perhaps Consumer Reports includes it in their cell product profiles.  Soon, we will not have to search for the data.  Instead, we will know the S.A.R. per phone where we shop, and will be able to  factor that into our buying decision.  An informed buyer is a satisfied buyer, as some retailer says.  It’s true when it comes to matters of health and product selection where we have a choice.  Such as our cell phone. 

We wouldn’t have thought to ask for ready access to this information, even though we worryingly read the articles discussing the possibility of a causal link between cell phones and cell phone towers and cancer (despite the fact that the articles tell us not to worry).   So, we say thank you to the Sups, and Mayor Newsom, too, for looking out for us.   We realize that’s your job; nonetheless, we appreciate your delivering.  LLII.

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