Hug a Supervisor II (& the Mayor)

Further to the observation that we San Franciscans are lucky to live here not least because our Board of Supervisors and Mayor look out for us – witness, the recently enacted ordinance to post cell phone radiation levels – none other than the formidable Maureen Dowd of the NYTimes says hug a Supervisor (and the Mayor), too. 

Ms. Dowd, who doesn’t have a nice thing to say about anyone that I recall (which itself, admittedly, is not a very nice thing to say), applauded the new ordinance in her column last Sunday.  Ms. Dowd wonders whether cell phone radiation will be the next cigarettes and asbestos in health disaster terms.  Apparently, we are on to something.  Telecommunications lobbyists are threatening to withhold their constituents’ largess from the City due to the ordinance.  Makes one wonder why their constituents are threatened by something so simple as posting S.A.R. levels, doesn’t it?  Once again, thank you, Sups & Gavin, for helping us take care of ourselves!

And again and again!  This time for Healthy San Francisco.  The program is a safety-net open to every adult in the city who has been uninsured for 90 days – estimated at 60,000 individuals.  Regardless of employment,  health, and immigrant status, about 85% of the City’s uninsured have taken advantage of free or very low-cost access to primary care physicians and clinics or hospitals for services.  The program is not insurance, because many of the services are donated or paid for by the City,  but it has the golden aura of universal healthcare.   One of the key indicators of success is that, as a result of accessing primary healthcare, costly emergency room visits by the Healthy SF participants dropped 27%.  Wow.  Plus, all of 94% of the participants are satisfied with their care.   Amazing.

Healthy San Francisco has been under a cloud of legal  challenge since its inception – but this week the US Supreme Court (those people) refused to step into the fray.  The program lives!  If you know a San Francisco resident without healthcare, tell them about Healthy San Francisco.  It’s a good thing that is good for all. 

So, the next time you cross paths with your Supervisor or the Mayor (he really is everywhere), remember to say hey, thank you, and please keep up the good work.  LLII.

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