How’s the Constitution?

The United States Constitution has been the governing document of the country for more than 200 years. Hundreds of government officials and judges have tried to figure out exactly what the authors of the Constitution meant and how their rules should be applied to laws and regulations in the modern world. Professor Larry Sabato, in today’s S.F. Chronicle offers a radical suggestion, instead of struggling to align current realities with constitutional law, we should hold a new constitutional convention and rewrite portions of the original document. His suggestion is breathtaking in its boldness, and is unlikely to be implemented soon, if ever. Many people agree with a companion article, which maintains that changing the Constitution would be dangerous and misguided. Withoug taking sides on the issue, thoughtful citizens should be grateful to Prof. Sabato and the Chronicle for raising the issue. Politicians are prone to tinker with difficulties, accommodating to difficult constitutional mandates like the allocation of Senatorial seats and the Electoral College. Every once in a while it is good to think about the fundamentals and at least consider the possibility of radical change–just as our Founding Fathers did all those years ago.

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