How much do elections matter?

S.F. voters will remember that in November they voted on whether or not the School Board should reinstate the Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps (JROTC) in S.F. high schools. The majority voted in favor of the measure and now the Board of Education is re-examining their 2006 policy of phasing the program out. How much will the voters’ wishes count and how much will depend on the results of the election of new members of the Board? No one knows for sure, so people interested in the program will no doubt crowd into the Board meeting to express their opinions on the topic. That’s the way California’s democracy is supposed to work. We elect representatives to make decisions about specialized issues such as education and if their decisions don’t please us, we give them a nudge in the direction we prefer. In the end it is up to the Board. If they are taking their responsibilities seriously, they will consider all sides to the question and come up with the answer that seems best for our students.

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