How healthy is Healthy San Francisco?

The Healthy San Francisco ballot measure was easily passed by voters, but some restaurants are now bringing a lawsuit arguing that it is unfair to charge them to pay part of the costs of healthcare for their employees. The restaurants’ response to the measure is mixed, according to a S.F. Chronicle article, which quotes a number of restaurant owners who say the added fee is not a burden. Some businesses have added a 4% surcharge to bills, others charge a flat $1 per person to diners. Most say that diners do not complain and most are happy that restaurant workers are getting health coverage. It’s encouraging to think that people are willing to help their neighbors get the health insurance we all need. Still, increasing costs of healthcare will make the payments more burdensome and may be very hard on some restaurants. We all suffer when local businesses are forced to close. The solution, of course, is to get some kind of federal healthcare system that will ensure coverage for everyone. Let’s all keep the pressure on our legislators to make sure this issue is not lost in the swirl of other news. Healthcare for all is one of the most important components of a healthy society.

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