How healthy are we?

Voters keep saying that health care is a major priority for them, but there have been very few successful legislative action to improve our current system. As David Lazarus writes in the Chronicle today even the passage of Sen. Kuehl’s bill (SB840) in the Senate does not mean that we are moving closer to a solution in California. Even if the Assembly can lend support to the measure, Governor Schwarzenegger will veto it. Lazarus suggests that the issue should be presented to voters as a ballot measure. Can you imagine the deluge of ads by insurance companies, health care providers, business and other groups that would sprout over that measure? Opinions are strong on the subject and emotions run high. The release of Michael Moore’s film “Sicko” at the end of this month will increase the tensions further. Even though the League has not made this issue a high priority at this time, members are interested and many will want to learn more about the ideas being put forth. Add one more issue to the list of items the League will want to study.

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