How do you want your coffee?

Sometimes Earth Day sounds like a nagging voice on TV and radio reminding us of all the things we are doing wrong. Did we remember to buy the biobags for our compostables? Did we leave the TV running after the kids had left for their friend’s house? It’s nice to read about some things we might be doing right. That Fair Trade coffee we bought at the supermarket is doing some good, as reported in the N.Y. Times today. We can see the face of a farmer in Chiapas, Mexico, who works with the Rainforest Alliance to be sure farmers get a fair price for their coffee. When we hear about a farmer who has been able to pay for his daughters’ education, giving two of them a college education, while two others are studying for degrees, that puts an extra spoonful of sugar in our morning latte and makes all our efforts seem worthwhile.

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