How can I possibly understand the crisis?

As we try to follow news about the financial crisis that’s hit us all, most of us wonder what’s meant by all the jargon tossed about by reporters and commentators. Many people who are not trained in economics have had to try to learn a lot of terms very quickly and many of us have failed. At last we have a helpful source online. It’s called the Financial Crisis for Beginners and it’s part of a blog written for the general public by experts in the financial field. The blog itself, called The Baseline Scenario, provides frequent updates of what’s going on in the world of finance. The authors also write articles for the New York Times and the Atlantic, which can be located through the blog. Not all of it is easy reading, but the writing is clear and the subject is important. It’s worth spending some time trying to understand what’s going on. It may not make you feel better, but at least you’ll feel a little less confused and helpless in the face of all the changes we’ve seen.

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