How about a university tax?

It’s hard to escape the television pictures of young students protesting increasing fees in California’s universities. The rise in fees will bring hardship to many students and their families, but they are not the only ones who are damaged. The state will suffer from not having as many graduates trained to enter California’s businesses and to develop new ones. As Thomas Elias points out, it was graduates of California’s state schools who populated the early Silicon Valley industries that brought wealth and prosperity to many. They are the ones who will bring us back from this recession by being available to staff the new businesses that will lead us out of this recession. As Mr. Elias says, Californians have been willing to pay taxes to support K to 12 education, but have never been asked about a tax specifically aimed at keeping a strong post-secondary educational system going. California’s public education was a model for the country and the world. It is in everyone’s interest to keep it strong because the strength and prosperity of our state depends on it.

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