Holiday Table Topics

In no particular order:

1. If the news sources didn’t keep filling space with Sarah Palin, would there be a crush of letters to the editor/online comments demanding Sarah Palin coverage? That is, is the Palin coverage pulled by readers or pushed by unimaginative news sources?

2. What is the difference between a politician and a public servant? Name some of each whom you believe have been most successful in their role (define successful).

3. When you think about the vote-by-mail process, can you say with certainty that your ballot reaches the ballot counters, and the ballot is counted as you marked it? What if you chose to not vote for someone? Ever wonder if a ballot counter voted for you? Discuss.

4. If the family members (or cluster of friends) were each to give $5/month to a pooled donation, what organizations would receive the gifts throughout the year?

5. If you were responsible for selecting participants to a California Constitutional Convention, what criteria would you use to construct the Convention population?

6. How should California pay for 100% publicly funded candidate elections? A surcharge on vice fines, fees, and charges? A limit on the campaign period? Restricting campaign television advertising to public access channels? (These are starter solutions, some designed to be terrible ideas, so they can be “fixed.”)

7. How should the blighted section of Market Street between 5th and 7th be improved?

8. How can the fabulous Obamamaniacs who have fallen back into inaction be reactivated? What issues might entice them? What conditions would have to exist to motivate them? What can the groups you are involved with do to reach out to them?

9. If the oceans do indeed rise because we can’t contain global weirding, what should be done with and for the people who will be displaced?

10. What are the most beautiful spots in San Francisco? Discuss.

Happy holidays, San Francisco. LLII.

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