Here’s to Muni (happy birthday, Market Street line!).

An an average weekday, there are 290,000 boardings on the area’s public transportation system.   That’s 1.5 times the size of my home town, Lincoln, Nebraska, home of the University’s main campus and the Nebraska state capital.  That’s amazing utilization.  Today, July 4, is the 150th birthday of the Market Street line, the beginning of the City’s public transportation. 

A year or two ago Muni boasted that every City resident lived within two blocks of a Muni service.  Even with the budget cuts, that is probably still very close to true.  It’s an astonishing feat and demonstrates the City’s commitment to access and service.  Arguably no other city in the country – not even New York – offers as much to its residents. 

So proudly point out the charming street cars on the F line to your visitors.  Muni didn’t have to add these cars (and that line) to its route but aren’t they a fine addition to San Francisco’s uniqueness? 

As for us, the next time we’re quick to complain about bus moving too slowly, or plowing through a yellow light, or being the wrong one…not your line…as it buzzes by, note that it’s difficult to be anywhere in the City and not see a bus, trolley, or cable car, which also makes us unique.  We are lucky to have the comprehensive service muni provides on its worst days.   As for righting the wrongs, the next time a bond issue is on the ballot to improve and extend service, just say yes. 

Happy 4th, everyone.  LLII.

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