Hear the cry of the waters.

[Reminder to all registered California voters:  Time to get informed, decide your positions, and vote.  Election Day is June 8.  State League info here.]

The exquisite Gulf waters are under catastrophic assault while those criminally inept British Petroleum people compound the tragedy by attempting violent mitigations.  Why would anyone think something called Top Kill could be a satisfactory solution in a cilivized, intelligent world?  [NOTE to the titans of industry (and financial services): Don’t wait too long to swap out your PR people when you are in the middle of a disaster of your making.  You may need to go through a couple of positioning statements before you hit the right note, that reflects some iota of integrity.  The sooner you cycle through the truly stupid, usually arrogant ideas, the better for all concerned.  See, for example, the Vatican’s recent painfully public testing of appalling, insulting themes regarding the Pope’s handling of sexual abuse when he was a lesser but still priestly mortal.]

But I digress.  Say hey! and thank you to San Francisco Baykeeper.  These people have been in existence for about twenty years, and already have an impressive record in defending the Bay waters from every type of encroachment.  In large part, Baykeeper is responsible for the mostly clean Bay waters and the species who thrive in those waters.  Baykeeper smartly documented their learnings, to create shelf reference water defense guides now being poured over by their sister organization, the Gulf Coast Waterkeepers.  Even more sensible, Baykeeper has developed a close working relationship with the Coast Guard, currently charged with defending the Gulf ecosystem.  Those lucky people who attended last week’s SF4D meeting learned Baykeeper and the San Francisco Coast Guard are collaborating to support the Gulf teams – to everyone’s advantage.  It can’t be enough because the harm is so great and continuing, but it is a meaningful something. 

I notice there haven’t been any telethons for our Gulf waters.  But we can hear the waters weeping as the life they harbor suffocates,  starves, writhes in death by petroleum poison.  Baykeeper is accepting contributions, which will be put to vitally important use without delay.  Be generous if you can.  LLII.

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