Healthcare struggle ahead

President Obama has promised to bring forward a healthcare plan that will enable Americans to get the kind of healthcare they deserve, but it won’t be easy. The struggle to unite insurance companies, the government, the medical profession and the general public promises to be a long one. Already supporters of single-payer healthcare are turning to demonstrations and civil disobedience to protest the lack of a public option in the bill currently proposed. Some Californians, despairing of action on the national level, prefer to support Sen. Mark Leno’s proposal for single-payer insurance in California. The state legislature has supported this approach before, but Governor Schwarzenegger has vetoed each bill passed. This is a crucial area for most Californians and the League of Women Voters, plans to provide informative forums and other programs to allow voters to learn more about the plans supported by various groups. The first forum was held on May 27, and another one is planned for early September. Keep tabs on what is happening by visiting frequently for the latest updates.

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