Healthcare reform – Still a matter of life or death.

This week we were debating what message to put front and center on the site for September. Healthcare reform was the natural choice, since the legislation is likely to be decided this month. After a disastrous August, with “discussions” characterized by misinformation and misunderstanding, the President and Congress are primed for what passes for compromise within the Beltway, and what is more accurately described as a race to the bottom anywhere else. This is the moment for fervent defense of everyone’s right to healthcare.

The reality is people are weary of the subject, so we turned to another pressing issue (water).

Nonetheless, if you can manage it, please hold on and act again and again to insist on your rights. Even if you have great insurance coverage, it’s highly probable your coverage will be eroded either through restricted benefits or higher costs. And, if you are reading this, you are the type of person who looks beyond yourself. A healthy populace is the greater good. Act again now. Please.

The League of Women Voters offers action opportunities.

Read the balanced, fact-based coverage of reform options on the New York Times. Talk to your neighbors, and encourage them to act.

And, as a backup, support the Kucinich amendment (right click to access the pdf), permitting states to waive out of the federal initiative if a state plan is better. LLII.

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