Healthcare Reform – No letting up.

Did you hear NPR this morning? Senator Chris Dodd and another Congressional rep assured us that mixing fundraising from healthcare special interests while drafting healthcare legislation doesn’t affect their decision-making, or distract them from keen advocacy for their constituents. All together now: eye-roll. Seriously: it’s to be expected that all of Congress are booked for events with healthcare special interests (some may even have views we support), now through the date of the August vote on the legislation.

We know we need healthcare reform that gives us affordable care designed to both keep us healthy or restore us to good health. I for one am weary of the emails asking me to tell my representatives I still care about the subject. But last night at a LWVSF advocacy meeting, I heard an impassioned recitation of the systemic miseries defective healthcare creates. I was reminded that lobbying only gets more intense as a vote looms; the promises more lucrative and irresistible.

We voters, one voice becoming many, must provide balance. Most of us may not be able to substantially add to a campaign coffers but we can, one voice becoming many, firmly promise that disappointment will result in turning people out of office. Opening those emails, then clicking to send the messages to your reps actually works.

Over these next critical weeks, let’s try to click and send in support of healthcare reform – whatever reform you believe to be best for your family and friends – at every opportunity. I will. If the money people can stay motivated, so must we. After all, we have more to lose, and to gain! LLII.

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