Healthcare – At least one national entity continues to represent all Americans

And it may not be the Office of the President.

See today’s NYT’s lead editorial, presenting more facts about the (enormous) numbers of uninsured and underinsured. It’s more objective reporting than editorial, peppered with a few measured comments. The need for affordable and accessible healthcare is (still) clear.

In other news, see who has been advising President Obama, as recently as last Friday before the president flew off for a much needed vacation. Tom Daschle, who you may recall fell to the wayside as possible HHS Secretary because he couldn’t manage to correctly report income and pay taxes. Mr. Daschle now works for a law and lobbying firm, Alston & Bird, which represents hospital, drug, pharmaceutical, and other health care industry clients. For example, United Health and the Tennessee Hospital Association.

Mr. Daschle, not registered as a lobbyist, reportedly believes there is no conflict in his advising the president and advising the Alston & Bird clients because he tells them both the same thing. True enough. Plus, it’s not as though Mr. Daschle is a public servant any longer (if he every was, really). The pertinent question is what the president is doing having cosy chats about healthcare reform with the compromised Mr. Daschle.

So, let’s be grateful for the Times. The paper seems to have the public’s interests more in mind than our president. Subscribe if you don’t. We need a national conscience more than ever. LLII.

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