Happy New Year?

The wind and rain assaulting our windows today make it hard to believe this will be a peaceful, pleasant year. We need the rain, but does it have to cause so many problems coming down? Perhaps that will be the theme for 2008–we need to make a lot of changes and improvements in our civic lives, but it’s unlikely that these will be easy or peaceful. Yesterday’s Iowa caucus started the political trends of the year–a very large turnout with enthusiastic voters facing cold and snow to make their choices. If Iowans can brave the weather to make their voices heard, surely Californians can provide an even bigger turnout and have some impact on the primaries. As Joe Garafoli points out in the Chronicle, the primary election in California starts immediately. Mail ballots will be sent out next week, and votes will be cast before the week is out. What we Californians think about primary candidates will have an impact for the first times in many years. Don’t be left out–start the new year right by making your voice heard loud and clear!

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