Good news for the weekend

For the past week and more, San Franciscans have been paying a lot of attention to the effects of the oil spill in the Bay. Pictures of oil-covered birds are a reminder of how vulnerable wildlife can be to the mistakes we humans make. At last this weekend there is some good news as area beaches are reopened to the public. There is still danger that the beaches may have to be closed again, if tides and wind send more oil in their direction, but for the time being they are open and looking good. The effort to open the beaches was led by professionals, of curse, but the outpouring of volunteers who helped pick up blobs of oil along the shore was heartening to see. If people could rally around to help solve other problems in the city, we would all benefit. Don’t forget that Thanksgiving is coming up this week. There are many opportunities to volunteer and help city residents. Think about it! San Francisco is a great city in part because of its natural beauties, but more importantly because of the hospitable and helpful spirit of citizens.

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