Good idea for nonprofits

With both city and state facing budget deficits, you’d think San Francisco could get its act together and make more responsible decisions about funding the city’s nonprofit social agencies. But as columnist C.W. Nevius points out in the S.F. Chronicle, funding really depends on how effectively the nonprofits reps can beg from the supervisors and how much political clout they have. Is this any way to run a city? The political atmosphere of the funding leads to a duplication of efforts in some areas and a lack of them in others. It punishes responsible nonprofits which meet their goals and favors other that consistently fail in the tasks they take on. We can do better than that. As Nevius points out, improved accounting methods would make it possible to compare the records of nonprofits and target funding toward the ones which actually do what they promise. With so many new college graduates searching for jobs today, surely the city could set up an intern program to help nonprofits with their accounting. That would help build the students’ resumes and help save the taxpayers money–not to mention providing better services for the needy.

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